Rooted in mystery

Help Daisy discover her mysterious gardening abilities and uncover the secrets rooted deep in the past.

Meet Daisy

Daisy is a self-proclaimed city girl who lives a life of safety and loves all the services a big city has to offer. Adventures and unexpected circumstances were far off from her comfort zone. Until now. Soon she’s about to learn how her magical powers have been passed down through generations.

What will Daisy do next?

Download the game to find out.

Solve the mystery

  • Restore and discover

    Help Daisy to start the restoration at the mansion’s gate. Clear the Evergrowth to unlock and reveal secrets at the estate. Find rare creatures and give them a home in your new garden.

  • Merge

    The magical garden is full of wonderful items and creatures. Search three of a kind, merge them, and see how they evolve into superior items. Then, challenge your mind by completing fascinating quests.

  • Solve puzzles

    To level up, you must master puzzles by completing Match 3 puzzles. Pop and blast 3D blocks for irresistible combos. On every level, you’ll earn rewards for your garden.

Come to the rescue

Daisy is about to discover the mansion and its surrounding garden are far from ordinary. Turns out, the strange topiary statues and plants are not what you thought they would be.

Ready to solve the mystery?

Download the game and start investigating.